My Healing Companion

My Healing Companion:  A Journal for the Healthcare Provider
, a self-directed journal filled with therapeutic stories and exercises designed to help the healthcare provider decrease stress, burnout and compassion fatigue -- and promote self care. 

Every day, the healthcare provider faces a myriad of patients who are dealing with challenging physical and mental health issues.   But where do these healthcare providers find their support?  How do they find balance between giving to others and caring for themselves?  To whom and where do they turn to replenish their own emotional needs?  How do they reenergize passion for their work?  This is at the heart of why we wrote My Healing Companion: A Journal for the Healthcare Provider.

The medical professionals are the unsung heroes of the medical world and the inspiration for this journal. 
We’ve interacted with the medical community in a variety of ways and have seen first- hand the importance
the healthcare provider plays in a patient’s healing process.  We believe in the work of all healthcare
providers and offer you My Healing Companion: A Journal for the Healthcare Provider as a tool for
self-discovery and growth.

Beverly Kirkhart, Cancer survivor, National Speaker & Author
Janice Putrino, LCSW & Certified Journal Therapist
Linda Sliwoski, RN, MSN

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My Healing Companion: A Journal for the Healthcare Provider can help the healthcare provider
revitalize passion for their work by:

  • Prioritizing tasks and create realistic self-expectations
  • Identifying strategies to decrease stress, burnout and compassion fatigue through the use of
    journaling and other practices
  • Learning  how to recognize and set healthy boundaries with patients and colleagues
  • Understanding the vital role the healthcare provider plays in their patient’s treatment
  • Discovering ways to utilize personal resources to improve communication skills
    and decision making abilities.


"Those truly dedicated to the profession are at highest risk of burnout. We need to recharge ourselves, find balance in our lives, and rekindle the passion periodically so we can continue to do our best for our patients. This book helps you achieve that personal goal. "

—Lillie Shockney, RN., BS., MAS. Distinguished Service Assistant Professor of Breast Cancer,
Administrative Director of the Johns Hopkins Avon Foundation Breast Center,
16 year breast cancer survivor.

“Over the last two decades, over 200 scientific research articles have explored how writing about upsetting experiences can influence people's physical and mental health.  My Healing Companion: A Journal for the Healthcare Provider applies many of the findings from the laboratory to people's real world experiences.  By putting thoughts and emotions onto paper, healthcare providers, patients, and their families can all benefit.”

—James W. Pennebaker, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair of Psychology, University of Texas at Austin
Author of, Writing to Heal: A Guided Journal for Recovering from Trauma and Emotional Upheaval. 
New Harbinger Press.