Services for Those Living with Illness and for their Caregivers

Nancy Morgan

Consult with Janice to tailor programs according to your specific needs.

On-Going or Time-Limited Groups

Immerse yourself in writing and discussion with other survivors and caregivers. This group provides a tool box of journaling techniques proven to help you deal with the maze of emotions and challenges that accompany a diagnosis.

Wellness Workshops

Learn about the benefits of journaling and participate in an experiential workshop. You will focus on specific writing techniques that promote self-awareness and strategies to manage the challenges of illness while working towards your own personal wellness.

Keynote Presentation
How to Write Your Way to Wellness

Learn about the proven benefits of journaling. This dynamic keynote will show you how journaling can reduce stress, promote personal growth, and improve health and well-being. Plus you’ll receive journaling tips and strategies that you can begin using right away.

Services Available for Healthcare Providers

Eight-Week Group

Immerse yourself in writing and discussion with other healthcare providers using My Healing Companion: A Journal for the Healthcare Provider. This group will provide you with journaling techniques proven to help create balance and revitalize passion for your work.

Full or Half-Day Workshop

Take time for yourself to learn how journaling can combat stress, burnout and compassion fatigue. Practice self-care as a healing professional.

Keynote Presentation
Writing for Wellness: A Guide to Promoting Self-Care

Learn the evidence-based physical and emotional benefits of expressive writing for yourself or your patients. Your audience will discover how expressive writing can reduce stress and promote personal growth and healing. Discover how to use journal writing as a professional development and health management tool.

All above programs can be tailored to meet the needs of other populations and organizations and the general public in
non-healthcare related areas.